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Tie Dye Chemistry Lab

Academy High School students in Ms. Pfaff's Chemistry class had a special groovy lab, tie-dying t-shirts and learning the chemical reasoning behind the colorful results!

For the culmination of their chemical reaction unit, students tested their chemistry knowledge by learning the history of tie-dye, evaluating the chemical reactions of fiber reactive dye molecules, and answering the root question, "what is color and how do we perceive it?"

Mock Interviews and Resume Reviews

Seniors from Academy High School sat with volunteer professionals from the Mapleton community for mock interviews and resume reviews. The event is part of Academy High School's graduation requirements and helpful practice for upcoming scholarships.

Since the fall, students worked with staff and their peers to dial in their resumes and practiced interviewing each other for this event.

Over 30 current and retired professionals in healthcare, real estate, public relations, sales, the army, finance, and more were on hand to interview students, review their resumes, and provide feedback for students and their post-secondary plans.

Ms. Schultz's Biology classroom

Students in Ms. Lindsay Schultz’s biology class at Academy High School recently wrapped up a comprehensive – and sophisticated – project about pancreatic cancer. Students explored the ongoing research of big medical companies, created diagrams detailing how cancer travels through the body, and synthesized their learning in a pamphlet geared toward helping children understand cancer.  And, considering Lindsay was just named the Colorado Bioscience Association (CBSA) Educator of the Year, it’s no wonder her classrooms are full of budding scientists, talented chemists, aspiring machinists, and future educators.  

Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Academy High School

High school students in Mr. Sanchez's Anatomy and Physiology class completed their first dissection of the year, an opportunity made possible by the expansion of Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes across the district. Anatomy and Physiology is a level two course of Academy's CTE Health and Science pathway that explores high-demand health careers, including nursing, radiology, surgical technology, health sciences, and more!

Moot Court Competition

Mapleton had a fantastic showing at the University of Colorado Law School’s Marshall-Brennan Moot Court Competition! The annual competition is an opportunity for high school students from the Denver-Metro area to display their oral advocacy and critical thinking skills, as well as learn about careers in the law.

HOSA students at Conference
HOSA Conference

Students attending HOSA conference in Downtown Denver.

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